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Required Qualifications:

· A minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution.

· Valid driver’s license and ability for some travel as needed.

· Must agree to and abide by the Lifestyle Agreement as outlined by Shorter University.

· A commitment to serve Christ, current and prospective students and families, and the University.

Preferred Qualifications:

· Previous sales, recruitment, or student work experience, preferably in a higher education admission setting.

· Demonstrated customer service ability to communicate via phone and email.

· Basic familiarity with word processing, spreadsheet and database software tools.

· Demonstrated ability to work effectively both independently and as part of a team.

· Demonstrated organizational, presentational, and interpersonal skills.

Job Summary:

An Online Admissions Counselor is tasked with the recruitment and enrollment of a highly qualified, talented and diverse student body. Online Enrollment Counselors are responsible for contacting new leads, initiating contact with potential leads, and following up with previous leads. The goal of the position is to convert student leads into applicants and applicants into enrolled students. Online Admissions Counselors assist potential students throughout the enrollment process. This role entails processing applications, collecting admissions documents, evaluating admissions documents to determine acceptance or denial, and assisting new students as they transition to their Academic Advisor. Other responsibilities can include administrative duties and cross training with the Online Advising team. Online Admissions Counselors will be required to travel to and from events and fairs at various times throughout the year. They must be comfortable engaging with others in various public settings. Strong communication and conversation skills are essential. Part of being an admissions counselor is not simply regurgitating information but being relatable, and helping people realize their goals are attainable.

Online Admissions Counselors answer directly to the Assistant Director of Online Admissions and the Director of Enrollment Services—Online and Adult Programs.

Individuals Supervised: Student Workers

Job Duties:

· Contact all student leads and manage follow-up processes including phone calls, emails, and notes.

· Manage the application process.

· Manage database systems used for inquiries and applicants.

· Evaluate and review applicant admission files as well as calculate grade point averages.

· Stay current with college events, policies and procedures, as well as Business Office and Financial Aid processes.

· Cross train and work with other Online departments, such as Online Advising.

· Attend events, college and job fairs, churches or receptions, police departments and military settings off campus to recruit possible students.

· Other responsibilities as assigned by the Assistant Director of Online Admissions or Director of Enrollment Services—Online and Adult Programs.

To Apply:

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