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Position Summary:  The Program Director provides academic and strategic leadership for the Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU) Doctor of Occupational Therapy program and serves to support and advocate for the goals and mission of the Program and University. The Program Director will lead, manage, and oversee all program functions, including curriculum development, student instruction and progression, faculty performance evaluation and development, program assessment, and accreditation. The Program Director will promote and achieve program, faculty, and student goals and outcomes to demonstrate excellence and growth in academics, scholarship, and service. The Program Director will develop and maintain collaborative professional relationships with administrative departments, accrediting bodies, and institutional and clinical partnerships. The Program Director will exhibit strong interpersonal and leadership skills, organization skills, faculty and staff management skills, and communication and collaboration skills in performance of all duties.

Department: Academics

Supervision Received: Associate Dean for Online, Non-traditional, and Graduate Education

Supervision Given:  Program Faculty and Administrative Directors


1. Earned clinical doctorate in Occupational Therapy (i.e., OTD) or terminal doctorate (i.e., Ph.D., Ed.D., D.Sc.) in a discipline appropriate for teaching responsibilities from a regionally accredited institution.

2. Eligible for senior faculty rank (Associate Professor or higher), with experience consistent with the OBU system for designated faculty rank.

3. A minimum of 8 years of full-time documented experience in the field of Occupational Therapy

4. At least three years of full-time experience as a core faculty member in a ACOTE accredited entry-level Occupational Therapy education program and administrative experience.

5. Applicable experience in leadership (OTD program leadership experience and/or demonstrated successful leadership experience with the ACOTE accreditation process are preferred)

6. Knowledge of legislative, regulatory, legal, and practice issues affecting clinical education, students, and the profession of Occupational Therapy.

7. Licensed, or eligible for licensure, as an Occupational Therapist in Oklahoma.

8. Active in professional activities at local, state, and/or national levels.

9. Must be an active member of a local evangelical church.

Administrative Responsibilities:

1. Provide leadership, vision, and strategic direction for the Program.

2. Establish and maintain state, institutional, and programmatic (ACOTE) accreditation. Overall responsible for coordinating the Program’s compliance with and reporting of all expected standards and rules, including:

a. Completing required ACOTE documents and ensuring that the Program and University adhere to the ACOTE Standards and Policies.

b. Developing and overseeing Program assessment activities and the implementation of data-driven action plans that improve program outcomes.

c. Providing guidance and recommendations to Program Faculty/Staff and University leadership on requirements and best practices pertaining to program accreditation compliance.

3. Design, develop, implement, and evaluate a contemporary and evidence-based program curriculum, including didactic and clinical education, that meets accreditation standards and achieves Program goals and expected outcomes.

4. Develop, maintain, and uphold Program regulations, policies and procedures that align with the University, meet accreditation standards, and achieve Program goals and expected outcomes.

5. Provide oversight and general supervision for the Core and Associated Faculty, and Staff in activities directly related to the Program, including:

a. Responsibility for recruitment and retention of personnel.

b. Responsibility for Faculty and Staff performance evaluations, mentorship, and professional development in the areas of teaching, research, and service.

c. Provide recommendations on continued employment and promotion of Faculty in accordance with the OBU System for Faculty Rank

6. Provide oversight and primary responsibility for the following processes in collaboration with Program Faculty:

a. Developing, reviewing, and revising the mission statement, goals, and competencies of the Program, as necessary.

b. Selecting qualified and diverse applicants for admission to the Program.

c. Providing student instruction, evaluating student performance, and assuring the availability of remedial instruction.

d. Providing academic coaching, counseling, and professional development for students.

7. Plan and administrate the Program budget and financial resources to support the current and anticipated program needs, to include academic and clinical education, faculty, facilities, and equipment needs.

8. Plan, conduct, and lead Faculty/Staff and strategic planning meetings for the Program.

9. Serve on executive, planning, and standing committees as directed.

10. Represent and advocate for the Program within OBU, the community, and the profession.

11. Attend OBU activities as designated.

12. Perform the duties of a faculty member as identified in institutional policies and procedures.

13. Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

Teaching and Education Responsibilities:

1. The Program Director will teach courses as assigned and/or agreed upon with institutional leadership.

2. Model and lead faculty/staff to integrate faith and learning with a commitment to a Christian worldview

Scholarship Responsibilities:

1. Conduct and disseminate research/scholarship activities in accordance with accreditation requirements and institutional policies and procedures.

Service Responsibilities:

1. Participate in institutional and professional service opportunities in accordance with accreditation requirements and institutional policies and procedures.

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