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Position Summary: 

The School of Science and Math at North Greenville University is receiving applications for a full-time 12-month lab coordinator and safety officer, including some faculty duties,  beginning January 2022. Candidates applying for this position must have a minimum of  18 graduate hours in either biology or chemistry, or preferably a master’s degree in one of those fields. The successful applicant must be willing to supervise student workers,  

maintain chemical safety credentials via training, and teach lab-only sections of intro chemistry or biology courses under the guidance of the instructor of record. Summer hours are flexible. Preference will be given to those with experience supervising student workers and teaching in an undergraduate or high school classroom setting. We particularly invite candidates who will enhance the racial, ethnic, gender, or cultural diversity of our university. Position will remain open until filled. 

North Greenville University is a teaching university affiliated with the South Carolina  Baptist Convention. Members of the NGU faculty are orthodox Christians who have a  strong personal faith in Jesus Christ, are role models in their piety and ethics, maintain active membership in an evangelical congregation, and mentor students academically and spiritually. They are Christian scholars who reflect upon their discipline from the perspective of a biblical worldview and are expected to teach in accordance with, and not contrary to, the university’s Statement on Human Flourishing. All employees of NGU  are required to abstain from illegal drugs and beverage alcohol. 

Lab Coordinator Responsibilities for 1000-Level Science Labs 

  • Prep solutions, lab materials, and computer materials, and ensure labs are clean  and safe 
  • Explore ways to increase efficiency and reduce cost of running labs Purchase perishable items weekly and maintain regular rotation of ordering  supplies for the next semester 
  • Establish schedule for work-study students and assign tasks related to lab prep Schedule work-study students to help with setup, tear down, and coverage of  events in the science building, such as campus preview days
  • Manage equipment availability, such as storing CPR equipment and collecting a  list of equipment needs 
  • Schedule use of research room and prep rooms 
  • Assist with occasional other uses of lab space, such as psychology’s use of  biology labs 
  • Make sure labs offered in the summer are stocked, set up, and torn down 

Safety Officer Responsibilities 

  • Document the training of lab instructors and student workers each semester or  academic year 
  • Maintain the chemical inventory and stockroom, coordinating with science admin  assistant and faculty to receive, log, and store shipments of materials and  equipment 
  • Maintain integrity of the chemical throughput from intake to waste disposal by an  external company 
  • File Material Safety Data Sheets and make the appropriate information available  in the lab rooms and to all occupants of the science building as needed Ensure efficient use of space in storage areas and maintain overall cleanliness of  all surfaces 
  • Maintain signage and functionality of lab safety equipment in the science  building, including regular checks of eyewash stations, safety showers, and  fume hoods 
  • Coordinate with the science admin assistant to follow through with maintenance  department work orders to repair safety equipment when necessary Serve as a member of a campus-wide safety team to coordinate with comparable  officers in other departments outside of science 
  • Regularly review/revise the chemical hygiene plan as it relates to the School of  Science and Math 
  • Support faculty in decision making and documentation of exceptional safety-related circumstances, such as accidents or power outages 

Instructional/Faculty Responsibilities: 

  • Teach four, once-a-week sections of biology or chemistry lab (6 credit hours, no  lecture sections) per year, typically two sections in fall and two sections in spring,  as assigned by the Chair of Biology and/or the Chair of Physical Sciences Keep appropriate office hours for advising students 
  • Occasionally serve on a committee and/or perform service tasks for the School of  Science and Math (example: track student attendance at tutoring sessions)


  • 18 graduate hours in either biology or chemistry, or a Master’s degree in either  field 
  • Willingness to attend regular training outside of the university for chemical safety Verifiable prior teaching experience preferred 
  • A demonstrated passion for mentoring and inspiring science and math  undergraduate students while preparing them for a variety of science-related  careers 
  • Ability to act as a role model to colleagues and students and support NGU’s  mission statement and core values with a character in keeping with a biblical  model 
  • Ability to mentor students in their own relationships with Jesus Christ 

Physical Requirements: 

  • Mobility: Able to move between buildings and attend classes, meetings, and functions across campus.
  • Speaking: Frequently convey detailed or important instructions and ideas accurately, professionally, and with a contextually appropriate tone and volume. Cognitive/Emotional: Ability to critically think and express emotions and thoughts  in an honest, collegial, constructive, and prudent manner  


All faculty are expected to be able to travel to campus for all class sessions and occasional departmental and faculty meetings. 

Working Relationships: 

This position is a 12-month position with faculty rank and minimal teaching duties. Summertime responsibilities allow more flexibility with on campus hours. Science faculty report to the appropriate Chair of the Department of Biology or the Department of  Physical Sciences. The chairs and lab coordinator report to the Associate Dean of the  School of Science and Mathematics, who reports to the Dean of the College of  Humanities and Sciences.

Work Schedule: 

Will vary by semester as instructional and advising load, work-study activity, and committee activity change throughout the year. Most activity takes place during traditional, daytime, weekday work hours. 

As part of the application, candidates should submit a cover letter, CV, transcripts, and the contact information for three references, two professional and one from a leader in your church. Although a January 2022 start date is ideal, review of candidates will continue until position is filled.