Graduate Faculty, Nurse Practitioner Track


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Job Summary:

This position is responsible for collaborating with the Chair of the Nurse Practitioner tracks and Associate Dean of Graduate Programs to develop and implement an excellence-driven, Christ-centered, people-focused, and future-directed learning environment for the graduate nurse practitioner students.

Essential Job Duties:

· Design cognitive, affective, and psychomotor strategies and techniques in classroom and clinical areas to enhance the learning of students in accordance with the curriculum established by Union University College of Nursing graduate faculty.

· Implement theoretical and/or clinical instruction in one or more courses and/or special studies offered each semester as assigned by the Chair.

· Demonstrate a person-centered professional nurse role model of teacher, mentor, advocate, practitioner, collaborator, researcher, and resource person.

· Serve as course/program liaison to clinical agencies and community organizations which are used for students’ clinical experiences.

· Create activities to assist students to develop critical thinking skills.

· Facilitate/guide the progress of students toward achievement of course and program outcomes.

· Demonstrate interest in the personal and professional growth of students.

· Provides a teaching load of 30 workload hours.

· Maintains records related to evaluations of students and course outcomes to assure compliance with standards of accreditation based on the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculties (NONPF) and other university accrediting agencies.

· Serves as a leader in encouraging professional development for graduate faculty in the areas of practice, teaching, service, and scholarship.

· Participate on University and College of Nursing committees as assigned.

· Demonstrate Christian standards and apply Christian attitudes in relationships among cohorts, faculty, staff, and students.

· Contribute to a positive work climate and the team effort within the College of Nursing.

· Establish and maintain effective interpersonal relationships with full and part-time faculty, staff, nursing service and all other persons having a direct impact on the program.

· Maintain nursing skills and knowledge through formal and informal channels at current levels of accepted practice.

· Demonstrates leadership qualities within the profession of Nurse Practitioner by serving as a role model in:

  • Participation on state and national committees
  • Involvement in community service that is supported by the University
  • Mentoring of students and encouraging involvement in professional organizations of nursing and nurse practitioners

· Comply with policies and procedures as outlined in the Union University School of Nursing Faculty Handbook.

Required Qualifications:

Graduation from an accredited college or university with a doctoral degree in nursing and a minimum of one year of experience as a nurse practitioner is required.

Preference will be given to applicants with graduate nurse practitioner education experience. Preference also will be given to applicants who have an unencumbered license or is eligible for licensure as a registered nurse, advanced practice nurse, and nurse practitioner in the State of Tennessee.

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