Faculty – Master of Arts in Professional Counseling Director (12-month)


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Faculty – MAPC Director (12-month)

Basic Requirements:

  1. Must be a Christian who is a member of a church that holds Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior, and who holds solely the Old Testament and the New Testament as sacred Scriptures.
  2. Must be an Active member of a local Baptist Church.

Academic Requirements:

Graduate Degree: Must hold the terminal degree, usually the earned doctorate, in the teaching discipline or a related discipline.

Basic Responsibilities:

Faculty members are expected to be loyal to Dallas Baptist University and professional in the discharge of their duties. Although not all encompassing, the following designates basic responsibilities, which the faculty members should perform:

  • Dallas Baptist University is a teaching university. As a student¬ centered university, serving students is the ultimate purpose of the faculty. Every faculty member, therefore, should see their role as a ministry to the student, challenging and encouraging them in their Christian walk.
  • Dallas Baptist University places the highest priority on excellence in teaching in the classroom. Modeling for students a high regard for scholarship, the faculty member should evidence expertise in the discipline and in a variety of methods of instruction.
  • Faculty members are to work with their deans and department chairs in all matters related to their teaching assignments and other duties.
  • Faculty members serve in the recruiting process for the MAPC program, including follow-up of requests for information and formulation of advertising/publicity materials. In addition, the faculty member will represent the MAPC program at professional meetings, University committees, and Undergraduate Program Committees.
  • Faculty members will develop appropriate course syllabi, under the guidance of the college/ school/ program from which the course originates using the Concourse system located in Blackboard. Syllabi should be loaded 3 weeks prior to the start of the semester. Syllabus will be made available to students two weeks before the first-class day. On the first day of class for the semester for a particular course the syllabus should be reviewed with students.
  • Faculty members should be acquainted with the Academic Calendar for the academic year as published on Blackboard in the Center for Teaching Excellence. Work should be planned and conducted in conformity with this calendar.
  • The integration of faith and learning throughout the course development should prepare students for their respective callings.
  • Instructional techniques and policies employed by faculty members will be in accord with the purpose of DBU, as reflected in its mission statement and will be appropriate to the specific goals of the classes.
  • Full-time faculty members are expected to support all commencement services as outlined in the University policy. Participants are expected to appear in appropriate academic regalia and march in the procession.
  • Faculty members are required to meet classes at appointed times and for specified contact hours in assigned classrooms. Necessary absences should be reported to the Dean or Program Director so that acceptable arrangements for class can be made.
  • All faculty members we be expected to serve on various committees. The Nominating Committee of the Faculty Council will appoint each full-time faculty member to one faculty committee. Faculty members may be assigned to University committees as well.
  • Each faculty member will participate annually in various forms of professional development sponsored by the University as well as engage individually as a scholar and member of learned societies.
  • Each full-time faculty member should post and consistently maintain at least ten (10) office hours each week. During special times such as academic advising and registration, additional hours should be planned as needed to meet student needs.
  • Effective advising and mentoring of students by faculty contribute significantly to student retention and program completion. Faculty members will be assigned advisees by the Dean, as appropriate, to provide effective guidance for students.
  • Faculty will follow stated procedures and meet identified deadlines when carrying out requested reporting responsibilities such as grade reporting, annual reports, periodic student progress reports, attendance verification, accreditation reports, and other reports as designated by the President and Provost.
  • All full-time and part-time faculty must use their DBU issued email accounts. Personal email accounts should not be used to conduct university business under any circumstance.
  • Faculty will attend all meetings of the Faculty Council. Any necessary absences should be approved by the Dean of the College.


To apply for this job email your details to tamy@dbu.edu