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The Dean is the principal spokesperson and advocate for the College/School. The Dean is responsible for the oversight of the College/School’s academic programs and is supportive of strong student outcomes and achievement. The Dean is accountable for the review of curricula and programs, staffing, budgeting, oversight of all operational functions of the College, alumni cultivation and fundraising. The Dean is committed to collaborative, ethical leadership as well as strategic planning. As chief academic officer of the College, the Dean provides leadership to advance the educational and scholarly missions of programs in the School and fosters and encourages an academic climate that is responsive, student-centered, innovative, and entrepreneurial. The Dean serves on the Deans Council, the Academic Affairs Committee, and Graduate Council. The Dean position is a 12-month, full time administrative appointment, permitting a reduced teaching load. The Dean reports directly to the Office of the Provost.


  • Conduct all responsibilities in a collegial manner and in full and unqualified affirmation of the Preamble of the University
  • Develop and implement a strategic plan for the college that supports the university vision and mission and supports growth and impact of the college
  • In collaboration with the Provost, strategize on the development, review, and implementation of new academic programs for the College and improvement of existing programs
  • Promote and deliver thoughtful innovation and entrepreneurship in order to further the University’s vision
  • Develop and collaborate with network of external stakeholders (alumni, professionals, advisors) to assess and improve academic programs within the college
  • Lead faculty and staff in the college, in collaboration with Advancement staff, to seek and obtain external support for academic programs (e.g. funds for professional development, instrumentation, infrastructure)
  • Seek and maintain partnerships with key feeder schools, community colleges, and non-profits in the region to increase enrollment and preparedness of new students for college programs
  • Inspire faculty and students toward achievement of the mission, goals, and objectives of the program/s and the University.
  • Oversee the development of course schedules.
  • Formulate and maintains the College/School annual budget
  • Pursue the integration of faith-in-learning in and out of the classroom
  • Ensure the College/School is compliant with all University policies and practices, programmatic accreditations, (SACSCOC, USDOE, etc.) requirements and standards.
  • Ensure compliance with College/School specific accreditation requirements and standards
  • Recruit, retain, and mentor an exceptional cadre of faculty positions within the College.
  • Collaborate in the recruitment and retention of students.
  • In collaboration with academic leadership, ensure faculty workload assignments are balanced, comprehensive, based on documented faculty credentials and contractual requirements, and meet the ongoing needs of the academic programs
  • Provide direction to all faculty, including evaluations and recommendations for continued employment
  • Unique College/School specific duties are detailed by College/School
  • Other duties as assigned


  • A terminal degree in Christianity or a related field
  • A collegial administrative style that promotes a sense of academic respect and collaboration
  • An appreciation and desire to promote both traditional and non-traditional models of learning
  • Experience in program reviews, assessment and specialized accreditation
  • Leadership experience and a demonstrated capacity for comprehensive vision, bold action, effective decision-making, and inspirational leadership
  • Expertise in budget management and alignment of resource allocations with strategic planning
  • Demonstrated effective communication skills and the ability to work with a broad range of constituencies, including: faculty, staff, students, administrative colleagues, parents, alumni, and the external community both locally and globally
  • Unimpeachable ethics and integrity
  • Bring a distinguished record of academic, business management, and entrepreneurial success as well as a record of scholarly achievement
  • HBU is a faith-based institution and requires all faculty and staff to be committed Christians that exemplify their faith on a daily basis and are in alignment with the University’s statement of faith as outlined in the Preamble to the University’s By-Laws.


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