Dean for McAfee School of Business


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Job Summary: This position is responsible for providing leadership and administration for all programs, services, and constituents of the McAfee School of Business (MSB).

Essential Job Duties:

  • Lead in the development, implementation, and continuous improvement of a succinct yet comprehensive plan for the McAfee School of Business which is consistent with Union’s statements of Identity, Mission, and Core Values and the University’s Strategic Plan: “Protinus.” Components of this plan include: academic programs; faculty and staff requirements; student recruiting, retention, and placement programs; academic policies, physical resources, including space; and fiscal needs and strategies.
  • Supervise the performance evaluations of all full-time school faculty and staff; coach/counsel/encourage current faculty and staff as appropriate; promote the professional development of current faculty and staff; support chairs in the recruitment and selection of new faculty and staff; and make hiring, promotion, and tenure recommendations to the Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs.
  • Lead the faculty and staff of the MSB in maintaining AACSB accreditation.
  • Work with school leadership and faculty to ensure the academic excellence of all MSB programs and courses.
  • Serve, along with other college/school deans, as an active member on the Academic Deans’ Council.
  • Be an active member of the Jackson/West Tennessee business community; develop opportunities for the MSB and for individual MSB faculty to serve the Jackson/West Tennessee business community. Work with the President and the Office of Institutional Advancement to raise funds which will be used for the continuous development of the McAfee School of Business.
  • Coordinate and review the responsibilities of the Associate Dean, Director of Graduate Programs, Director of Accreditation, Director of Accounting/MACC, Assurance of Learning Director, Research Director, and Administrative Assistant.
  • Work with the Vice President for Business Affairs to develop the annual operating budget for the school and request capital funds as needed. Ensure that operating and capital requests are consistent with school plans itemized in the first bullet point above. Exercise good stewardship as chief budget manager for the MSB.
  • Work with the Associate Dean to develop and review undergraduate and graduate class schedules for each term. Ensure that schedules are consistent with budgeted funds, student needs, and school plans.
  • Carry a teaching load of 6 semester hours in each academic year.
  • With the assistance of the Associate Dean, recommend to the Provost all part-time faculty to be employed with the MSB. Ensure that all recommendations are consistent with budgeted funds and that each part-time faculty member is academically qualified, spiritually committed to the mission of the university, and well prepared to teach.
  • Be active in the interactions/involvement with current students; be available for conferences with prospective students and their parents; and be available for conferences which relate to faculty and the quality of instruction provided with the MSB.
  • Openly and effectively communicate with faculty, staff, and students to foster an environment which strongly encourages learning by students, professional growth by faculty, and person-centered relationships among faculty and between students and faculty.

Required Qualifications: Graduation from an AACSB accredited college or university with a PhD or DBA in an appropriate discipline within the School of Business is required. Strategic planning experience and documented experience in managing operational budgets is also required.

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